What Products Most Often Contain Asbestos?

What Products Most Often Contain Asbestos?

While asbestos is still imported and used in some products in the United States, it’s not nearly as common as it once was. This, naturally, is because the severe health risks were discovered and production of many of these products was made illegal.

However, especially in the case of old homes and businesses, this certainly does not mean that the asbestos is no longer a threat. It could be lying dormant in a building, just waiting until a renovation or some other project creates a brand new level of exposure. People need to be wary of working in any building that was constructed before the laws on asbestos changed in the 1970s.

Examples of Products to Look For

The following is by no means a comprehensive list, as asbestos was extensively used. Never risk it. If you think anything may contain asbestos, have it tested and/or handled by a professional.

That said, in the interest of helping people see where the risks lie, here are a few products that often contain asbestos when developed in previous decades, while it was still in use:

  • Certain types of tiles used in bathrooms and kitchens
  • Insulation, such as that used in walls or in the attic
  • Insulation used on pipes, which may be wrapped and taped in place
  • The pipes themselves, in some case
  • Certain car parts, such as brake systems

Again, these are just general examples. It can be hard to tell if a product really contains asbestos or not. If you have been exposed and are suffering from serious health conditions as a result, you need to know what legal steps you can take.