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McDermott & Hickey, LLC, is Ohio’s leading firm for asbestos injuries, and we have built our firm on the foundation of working personally with our clients. From our offices in Rocky River, Avon, Cleveland and Mentor, we serve clients throughout Ohio and work with them to explore every possible avenue of compensation, including workers’ compensation and relevant trusts, to get the maximum compensation.

30 Years Of Experience
30 Years Of Experience

The core of our practice is mesothelioma and asbestos injury cases, and our firm has worked to get clients the maximum possible compensation in their case.

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Asbestos is a naturally occurring material with many practical uses in the industrial sector. Sadly, we now know that this substance is a carcinogen that threatens the lives of both workers who use it and those who face exposure in their housing or place of employment. Since the 1970s, government mandates have forbidden the use of this material in new construction. However, millions of people nationwide still face the risks of exposure.

One specific consequence of asbestos exposure is the development of mesothelioma. This aggressive form of cancer can affect your heart, lungs, stomach, and bladder. If you have received a mesothelioma diagnosis or have developed other health problems related to exposure to asbestos, the Ohio mesothelioma and asbestos injury attorneys at McDermott & Hickey, LLC, could help.

For more than 30 years, our dedicated lawyers have been recognized by individuals, unions, and other law firms as the “right attorneys” for people who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma or other asbestos injuries in Ohio. We pursue all the sources of compensation available under Ohio law, including bankruptcy trust claims, workers’ compensation, and lawsuits. Give us a call today to learn more about your options.

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Mesothelioma & Asbestos Injury
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We know how difficult it is to face a diagnosis of mesothelioma or another serious injury. We are committed to providing you and your family with the zealous legal representation you need to go up against large corporations. We are passionate about going the extra mile for our clients, and we’re ready now to help you.

Our decades of experience representing mesothelioma and other personal injury victims have enabled our lawyers to develop an unparalleled arsenal of legal knowledge, experience and trial skills. We have obtained substantial recoveries for hundreds of mesothelioma victims and their family members throughout Ohio.

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