What Can You Expect From Insurance After a Serious Car Crash?

What Can You Expect From Insurance After a Serious Car Crash?

Panic is a normal response in the moments right after a car crash. You will inspect yourself and the other people in your car for injuries before you exit the vehicle to look at the damage it suffered and check on the other driver involved.

Motor vehicle collisions often mean thousands of dollars in medical bills and car repair expenses. If the other driver caused the crash, their insurance policy should pay for your losses. As a driver in Ohio, what kind of coverage can you expect after a crash?

Drivers Can Carry Different Levels of Coverage

As you probably know from buying and renewing your own motor vehicle liability insurance policy, you have the ultimate say in what coverage you carry. Although the state establishes a mandatory minimum level of coverage, you can purchase as much coverage as you believe is necessary for your peace of mind and financial safety.

However, if the other driver is the one whose policy will pay out after a collision, what matters the most for your claim will be how much coverage they carry. Ohio mandates $25,000 of both property damage coverage and bodily injury coverage if one person gets hurt. That bodily injury coverage goes up to at least $50,000 when multiple people are injured or die because of a single crash.

When drivers don’t have enough coverage for the losses they cause, the other people affected by the crash may need to take civil action against the drivers responsible for the wreck and their injuries. The more you know about car insurance after a crash in Ohio, the easier it will be to make an insurance claim.