Mesothelioma Care and Your Lasting Legacy for Loved Ones

Mesothelioma Care and Your Lasting Legacy for Loved Ones

A lifetime of working physical, blue-collar jobs could have helped you provide for your family. You may also have money and other assets set aside to take care of your spouse or provide for your children after you die.

Unfortunately, if you have medical issues related to the job you worked, the costs associated with your health concerns might drastically diminish what resources you leave behind for your spouse, children and other heirs.

Exposure on the job to asbestos may have resulted in mesothelioma. Those with a mesothelioma diagnosis have a future that likely includes expensive medical care. If you don’t act now to ask for compensation, your loved ones might end up bearing the financial responsibility for an illness caused by your work.

Mesothelioma Care Is Expensive and Sometimes Not Covered

Mesothelioma is an aggressive and terminal form of cancer. While there are treatments that can slow its progression and improve someone’s quality of life, there is currently no actual cure for mesothelioma. What treatments are available are often cutting-edge therapies that may not receive coverage under standard insurance policies or government insurance programs.

You may have to cover costs out-of-pocket. If you get care that you can’t pay for in full, the debts that you accrue will eventually affect your estate. Even if you avoid most forms of care, emergency treatment when you have severe symptoms can quickly add up.

Given that the average hospitalization for someone with mesothelioma costs roughly $24,000, the cost of your care could drastically exceed the value of your savings and even the equity in your home. If you don’t take care of those costs before you die, your medical care providers and even government insurance programs might come after your assets and even your house, completely consuming your legacy and leaving your family members with very little.

Seeking Compensation Now Helps Protect Your Loved Ones in the Future

Those with job-related mesothelioma may have several options available for compensation. They may be able to take legal action against their former employer or even make a claim against a mesothelioma bankruptcy fund.

Exploring your options for compensation now will help ensure that you have resources to cover your medical costs. That, in turn, will protect the legacy that you leave for the people you love.