Manufacturing Errors Can Lead To Bad Batches of Medication

Manufacturing Errors Can Lead To Bad Batches of Medication

Medication safely does not leave any room for human or mechanical error. Patients needed to be able to rely on the purity and dosage of the medicine that they receive. Any kind of issue with a drug can lead to problems ranging from unwanted secondary compounds in a pill that cause allergic reactions to the drug being less effective at controlling a serious condition.

Defective drugs put patients at risk, and manufacturers understand how critical quality control is in their industry. Unfortunately, many companies will take the risk of reducing their quality controls over the drugs they create to save money.

A Drug Company Found a Major Defect Only After Shipping a Batch of Medication

If you take a drug to address something as serious as the clotting of your blood, you need to know the medication works. Unfortunately for those who take anagrelide, the manufacturer Torrent Pharmaceuticals recently discovered a significant issue with a batch of medication.

Specifically, they found that the drugs produced did not properly dissolve as they should. The slower and less thorough dissolution of the pill could mean that patients don’t receive enough of the drug in their system to experience its benefits. While no adverse reactions were reported in this case, not every recall goes so smoothly.

Far too often, drugs that were manufactured improperly aren’t discovered until at least a few patients experience serious adverse consequences from their use. Some of those patients may die. Even if someone survives an adverse reaction, they could have thousands of dollars in costs and losses due to their medical bills and lost wages.

Those hurt by defective drugs may be able to bring a claim against the manufacturer for the medical consequences they experience. If you’re unsure about your options, an attorney can offer you guidance. Call today to get started.