How to Run Safely on Dark Winter Days

How to Run Safely on Dark Winter Days

The days grow shorter during the winter in Ohio, and this can really have an impact on your running if you plan to keep it up all winter long. You still want to go out for a jog, but it may be dark by the time you get home from work, so you simply don’t have the option to run with adequate light.

It may be easy enough for you to adjust personally, but you also have to consider the increased risk if you’re running near traffic. Low visibility can cause accidents, and it is far more likely that drivers won’t see you when you’re running on the side of the road, crossing the street, waiting for the light to turn or entering the road for any other reason.

Increase Your Visibility

The first thing to do is to increase your visibility, and you may do this by wearing a headlamp or reflective clothing. Some runners also buy vests with LED lights that are built into them, perhaps with a strobe pattern that stands out in the dark. At the very least, you want to wear bright colors and avoid wearing things like black, navy blue or even gray.

Assume That No One Sees You

You also want to assume that, even if you’re wearing a reflective vest or some other safety device, drivers have not seen you. Err on the side of caution. You may have the right of way, but don’t run out in front of a car and assume that the driver is going to stop.

Don’t Listen to Music

Because your visibility is reduced, you need to rely more on your other senses. This could mean that you want to turn off your music or take your earbuds out entirely. Running is more fun with music, but you really need to be able to hear the traffic around you so that you can stay safe.

Even though these tips can help you, there’s always a chance you could be injured when you go for a run near traffic. Be sure that you know how to seek proper financial compensation.