How to Protect Yourself Against Your Insurance Company

How to Protect Yourself Against Your Insurance Company

In the event of a motor vehicle accident, it’s your hope that you find comfort in your insurance company. However, even if your agent treats you well, it doesn’t mean that they’ll do whatever is in your best interest.

How Can You Protect Yourself?

Here are several steps you can take to protect yourself:

  • Review your policy: Upon reviewing your policy, you’ll better understand its terms and conditions, which gives you a clear idea of what you should receive in regard to compensation.
  • Don’t say too much: When filing a claim, you’re tempted to share everything you can think of. And while it’s okay to talk about the basics, this isn’t the time to go into too much detail.
  • Refrain from giving a written or recorded statement: Your insurance company may ask you to do this early on, but politely decline until you better understand your policy, its coverage and your legal rights.
  • Don’t accept a final payment: If you receive a check from an insurance company that’s marked as final payment, keep it in a safe place for the time being. Cashing this check is likely to bring an end to your claim, thus prohibiting you from receiving other payments.

Should You Trust Your Agent?

In simple terms, yes, you can trust your insurance agent. But only to a certain degree. They’ll always put their own business over your best interests.

A motor vehicle accident can alter your life in many ways, from your health to your finances. Understand your legal rights as you review your insurance policy, file a claim and take steps on the road to recovery.