How Long Will Asbestos Stay in the Air?

How Long Will Asbestos Stay in the Air?

One hazard that people face when renovating old homes or working in old buildings is that the asbestos in those building materials can be disturbed and become airborne. Asbestos is not safe in any setting, but it is least so when it gets into the air and can be breathed in by someone working in that area. Inhaled asbestos particles can lead to many health complications, scarring, cancer and even death.

It’s important, then, to consider how long asbestos will stay in the air once it gets there. If a spot of asbestos gets disturbed, is it safe to work there a few hours later? What about the next day? How long does the risk last?

Unfortunately, it can last for a long time. Remember that asbestos particles are very tiny. The damage they do is by getting into your tissues, where they are very tough and they are difficult for the body to eliminate. To do that, they have to be minuscule. This also means that their low weight can allow them to stay in the air for days.

As a result, it is best never to work around asbestos. Don’t assume that it becomes safe after any set amount of time. Do not expose yourself to a known threat without proper protection. The risks just are not worth it, especially when we know that the ramifications can be so serious and the asbestos-related diseases that you could develop may prove fatal.

If you suffer harm as a result of asbestos exposure, or if you lose a loved one, be sure you know what legal steps you can take. To learn more, give us a call.