Distracted Driving Can Become a Fatal Decision

Distracted Driving Can Become a Fatal Decision

Fatal motor vehicle crashes don’t usually happen for no reason at all. In this nation, there are approximately nine people who die each day because of distracted driving. What makes this ultimately horrific is that each one of these deaths was preventable. No driver has to drive while they’re distracted.

Sometimes, drivers pride themselves on being able to do more than one thing at a time. While this is a good skill to have, multitasking isn’t ever a good idea when you’re driving. Many things qualify as distractions for drivers. Understanding these may help you to avoid them.

There are three types of distractions that drivers can face while they’re operating a vehicle. They can have visual distractions that take their eyes off the road, cognitive distractions that take their mind off driving, and manual distractions that take their hands off the wheel. Sometimes, one action will involve all three types.

An example of an activity that includes all three is texting. You must hold the phone, which is a manual distraction. You have to look at the phone to text, which is a visual distraction. You need to think about what message was sent and how to answer it, which is a cognitive distraction.

If you’re struck by a distracted driver, you should get the medical care you need to address your injuries. You may also decide to seek compensation for the financial impacts that you suffered because of the wreck. Ohio has specific time limits for these cases, so be sure that you act quickly so that you don’t miss out on that time limit.