Car Crash Injuries Are Not Always Obvious

Car Crash Injuries Are Not Always Obvious

You are driving home one day when out of nowhere, a pick-up cuts across you, sending you careering off the road. Thankfully, you have your seat belt on and seem to have gotten away with just a few scratches and a little bump on the head. The other driver comes over, apologizes and offers you a wad of cash. Tempting as it may be, accepting the money would be a mistake.

One of the things about car crash injuries is that they do not all show straight away. So, settling too early could leave you struggling if your injuries amount to more than you thought.  Many insurance companies will encourage you to settle early because they know costlier injuries could present themselves if they wait.

These are some of the injuries you could suffer in a car crash:

  • Organ damage: The force of a car crash on your delicate organs, including your brain, could be life-threatening.
  • Internal bleeding: As it is inside your body, it is hard to notice but could have serious consequences. For instance, bleeding in the head could lead to brain injury.
  • Spinal damage: What feels like a sore neck or trapped nerve could be much more severe and could leave you paralyzed if not picked up on.
  • Broken ribs: These are not always obvious, but if you fail to notice, could puncture a lung.
  • Broken bones: Not all breaks are apparent at the time, especially smaller ones.
  • Soft tissue injuries: Damage around the knee area could leave you struggling with sports or more susceptible to further injury.

If you suffer injuries in an Ohio car crash, you will need legal help to claim compensation. Even minor injuries can result in time off work. More severe injuries can change your life. Insurance companies may try to pay you less than you need, so a personal injury attorney can provide you with an advocate in your corner.