At What Age Do People Get Eesothelioma?

At What Age Do People Get Eesothelioma?

Technically, you can get mesothelioma at nearly any age, as it even shows up in young adults. However, these cases are rare. It typically comes from prolonged exposure to asbestos and then takes time to develop into cancer, so this is a disease that, more often than not, targets the elderly.

Take pleural mesothelioma, for instance, which is in the chest. The average age at which a doctor makes a diagnosis for this disease is when the patient is 72 years old. Since this is an average, you can certainly find individual cases that are far younger and far older, but the trend remains clear. Most who get this disease are already beyond retirement age. The American Cancer Society states that “mesotheliomas are much more common in older people.”

In fact, the advanced age of patients is part of the reason that this disease is so deadly. These are people who may have many other health issues to consider as they get older. They’re already nearing the common life expectancy line in the United States, which is consistently under 80 years old.

This is a hard disease. It is hard on your body and it is difficult mentally and emotionally. Those who suffer from it have a long road ahead, and healing may be more difficult if it is not the only ailment that they face at the time.

Of course, it can also prove deadly in younger patients who are otherwise healthy. The families of those who pass away need to make sure they are well aware of their legal rights at this trying time.