Are LED Headlights a Hazard?

Are LED Headlights a Hazard?

More and more often, drivers seem to be interested in installing LED lights on their cars, or they are buying cars with LEDs already built in. For those driving these vehicles, the lights make it much easier to see. They don’t burn out as often. Essentially, a driver can install the lights and forget about them, perhaps for the life of the car, just enjoying a wide field of vision in all lighting conditions.

That all sounds good, but are they a hazard to other drivers?

Some have complained that that is the case. The lights offer a much more intense experience for those driving toward them, which could nearly blind those drivers at a crucial moment — as the two cars pass. While some experts suggest looking at the road and not the oncoming car, it’s clear that taking your eyes off of oncoming traffic is not always wise or possible.

A problem that compounds the issue is the height of the car. A small sedan with LED lights may not be that dangerous. A lifted pickup truck with LED lights, however, could really pose some issues. These lights are not only extremely bright, but they are right at eye level with people in other, smaller vehicles. That makes them appear even more blinding than they would be otherwise, even when drivers insist that they have installed the lights at the proper angle.

Driving at night is already difficult. The actions of other drivers — like installing LED lights improperly — can cause accidents and can put you at risk. If you get injured in a crash, you may deserve compensation for your medical bills and other costs.